Goals of the Twos

  • Increase independence/self-help skills
  • Increase self-esteem/confidence
  • Peer interactions to enhance social skills
  • Enhance verbal skills and language development (songs, rhymes, stories)
  • Emergent understanding of shapes, colors, letters and numbers
  • Name recognition (print rich classroom with names and labels)
  • Following routines
  • Fine Motor Development (puzzles, blocks, manipulatives, playdough, drawing, etc.)
  • Gross Motor Development (climbing, running, managing stairs, riding toys, etc.)
  • Life Skills – learning to wait turns follow directions, manners, etc.
  • Numbers are learned through counting, sorting and our calendar activities during circle time.

Transitions are traditionally hard for toddlers even when they are moving to an activity or space they want.  Having to stop what they are doing and be asked to do something else can be challenging.  We help prepare the children for transitions, not only by providing the predictable schedule, but by offering warnings.

Behavior guidance techniques that are used include modeling the appropriate behavior, encouraging the use of words, helping children problem solve, and positive reinforcement.  The most valuable tool in the Two’s is a technique called redirection where we can guide a child to a more appropriate outlet.  Telling them what they can do rather than what they can’t is an emphasis.  Therefore, teacher placement in the classroom is paramount to the safety and security of a classroom where two’s are in a group.  Teachers are always close by and engaging to the children.

A typical circle time will include songs, puppetry, rhymes, and is gauged on children’s attention.  During the circle time the children are actively engaged with an interactive approach to the good morning songs, recognition of the weather for the day, and very basic calendar content.  The goal of the circle group is to have a small group meeting all together in a fun and interactive way all while introducing concepts such as colors, shapes, numbers, etc.

Our two’s are given outdoor time daily weather permitting and can use an indoor gross motor play room if the weather is inclement.  Children’s diapers are changed at least once during the morning and on demand for bowel movements.  Teachers offer toilet training support and encouragement in a
non-stressful manner.

The morning offers a balance of choice time for the children along with guided activities to provide a variety of age appropriate experiences.  On a weekly basis the children are provided the following specials: Yoga, Music, Science, Storybook Dance, Gym and Sensory exploration as well.

playing on table