A Child’s Day

A Child’s Day

Daily Activities

  • The children engage in developmentally appropriate activities to not only facilitate math and reading skills but to develop a greater understanding of the world around them. We provide a multidisciplinary approach.
  • Classrooms provide interest areas in which the children can select where they work and play during an assigned free choice time. These areas include a block area, a dramatic play area, a sensory area, a book area, a writing area, and a manipulatives area, for example.
  • A broad spectrum of arts and craft materials are used for daily art projects to promote creative expression, fine motor coordination, and thematic exploration.
  • A predictable and structured daily plan is provided so children can gain a sense of comfort as well as be stewards of their own day.
  • Teachers prepare both small group and large group activities to balance the day.
  • Self help skills are introduced in the 2’s and reinforced throughout our program so children leaving for Kindergarten can feel comfortable in managing their needs in larger settings.
  • Our large well-equipped playground area and indoor playground are both used for active play, social interaction, and gross-motor skill development.

Weekly Activities

  • Science activities and age appropriate experiments are provided in each classroom each Thursday. Our teaching team introduces children to the scientific process by allowing them the opportunity to experience each step. By allowing them the chance to predict, prove and reflect they will be using their minds to the fullest extent and gaining an understanding of how to form a hypothesis. Children will be provided a safe setting to explore the many fascinating levels of scientific experiments.
  • Music Classes provided by Mr. Randy Stuart. Cognitive studies demonstrate that we utilize all areas of our brain while making music. Mr. Randy emphasizes engaging all students at all times. He facilitates the children making music with rhythm and pitch instruments and their voices. He helps them utilize music as a form of communication and a medium for social interaction. Children enjoy testing their voices and learning about different sounds through listening and active participation.
  • Yoga/Creative Movement program blends real yoga poses, breathing and relaxation techniques, yoga songs and props in age appropriate, theme based lessons. The goal is to create a fun and engaging class that also offers the benefits of yoga and mindfulness. Through yoga children experience increased flexibility and physical coordination, a reduction in stress and anxiety levels as well as improved self-awareness and self regulation skills.
  • Sensory Exploration is not only fun but a necessary component to an early childhood curriculum. Activities are provided throughout each day, of course, but on our “Sensory Fridays” the children get to visit our ever changing Sensory room. Each week one of our classroom Teachers plans for the whole program to come visit and use their whole bodies to learn and experience more. Sand and water tables are always open, smelling and tasting experiences are safely provided, experiments with sound are introduced and explored and, of course, the room is a visually stimulating as well.

Annual Activities

  • Community Worker visits such as Dentists, Chappaqua Librarians, EMT’s etc.
  • Chappaqua Fire Department visits during Fire Safety Month each October
  • Norwalk’s Maritime Aquarium traveling program when offered
  • Otto the Auto from AAA to teach safety in and around cars
  • Two by Two Zoo Day each Spring
  • Music and Movement performances given by the children for their parents
  • Celebrations of diverse cultures and holidays
  • Special events including Pajama Day, Crazy Hat Day, Halloween Costume Parade, Thanksgiving Feast, Celebrations of All Holidays, 100th day of school, etc.
  • Graduation Ceremony for children who are finishing the 4 year-old program