Program Goals

  • Develop self-esteem through self-awareness and positive self- image
  • Develop independence through learning self-help skills
  • Develop social skills through interactions with peers and teachers
  • Foster Cognitive Development- counting and number recognition, recognizing basic shapes and colors, concepts of size and number, patterns, introduction to identifying letters and letter sounds, rhyming, book appreciation and print concepts, developing a positive approach to learning, think symbolically and engage in sociodramatic play
  • Foster Language Development – expressive and receptive language, follows directions, uses language to express thoughts and needs, participate in rhymes, songs, finger plays
  • Develop Fine Motor Skills – tracing, scissor use, gluing, playdough, uses writing and drawing tools
  • Develop Gross Motor Skills – running skipping, hopping, balancing, kicking, throwing

Upon arrival to the classroom children are invited to explore interest areas. Among these areas are Dramatic Area, Blocks, Art, Books, and Manipulative Toys. At this time,  a teacher directed project or activity is offered which is an extension of concepts and themes being worked on and may include activities related to shapes, letter recognition, numbers, colors, STEM, and author and artist studies.

Circle time is provided daily for children in an engaging, interactive, and age appropriate manner. The children are introduced to concepts related to weather and calendar. This large group offering gives children the opportunity to practice taking turns, listening, and speaking in front of others. The class comes together as a group to discuss the day’s activities and theme. Educational games- such as Alphabet Bingo and Scavenger Hunts, stories, felt board stories, alliteration, patterns, music and movement take place during this time.

A predictable schedule is provided to help children anticipate what will happen each day. The predictability promotes confidence and self-regulation as the children transition through the day.

Outdoor time is provided daily, weather permitting. Outdoor exploration promotes large motor development, social interactions, creativity and nature experiences. We visit our indoor large motor room if we can’t go outside.

Group responsibility and self-help skills are emphasized in the 3’s. Children are encouraged to clean up materials when work and play are done. Classroom jobs, such as line leader or snack helper, which foster independence, responsibility, and cooperation are assigned each day. Snack is served daily. Teachers sit with children at the table and model conversation skills, social skills, and manners. As children finish they clean their space by throwing out their garbage.

Toileting is approached in a supportive manner. Children develop at their own pace and we will support them through this process. Many three year-olds are trained but may still have accidents. We offer bathroom times daily and will take a child any time they request to go. Emphasis is placed on helping the child gain full independence from start to finish including hand washing.

To round out our program a variety of specials is offered each week. These include music, science, yoga, and gym.

Outdoor time is provided daily unless the weather is not appropriate.  If we can’t get outdoors we visit our indoor large motor room.  We believe the children need this dedicated time to run, jump, climb and be free.

Story time is provided on a daily basis as well.  Children are given time on the “reading quilt” for independent reading and teachers read to the children daily, either in a large group, small group or during snack time.  Stories offered are geared to reinforce the concepts being introduced such as specific letters, shapes, colors, holidays, etc.  Felt board stories are also offered daily which can be more interactive for children as they are given turns to apply the pieces as the stories are told.

Group responsibilities are important to learn at this age.  As a group the children are asked to help clean up the room when play and work is done or even help set the table for snack.  Specific jobs are assigned to children daily to help guide them such as line leader or handing out cups.  This helps to build pride, independence and cooperation.  We often play music to clean up to which helps make the process fun.

Snack is served family style with a teacher present at the table to engage the children in conversation.  Manners and social skills are emphasized and practiced.  As children finish they are expected to clean their space by throwing out their garbage and they then report to the reading area to look at books while their friends finish.  This allows everyone ample time to finish and not feel rushed.

Toileting is approached in a supportive and positive manner.  Children develop at their own pace and we will help them through this process.  Many 3 three year olds are already trained but may still have accidents, which is okay.  We offer bathroom times daily, especially before going outdoors and will take any child any time they need to go.  Emphasis is placed on helping the child gain full independence from start to finish including washing hands.