Mattias Edstrom Scholarship

About the Mattias Edstrom Scholarship

We are pleased to offer a one-year scholarship of up to $5,050 for one child and up to $6,850 for two or more children. The scholarship amount will cover the total annual tuition for one child to attend three days per week, or for two children to attend two days per week.

Play Care offers flexible scheduling, and the scholarship can be used for different days of the week and morning/afternoon sessions. Play Care will work with scholarship families to create a custom program to meet your needs.

Re-application is required annually, and future funding is not guaranteed. Our goal is to award scholarships to 1 or 2 families annually, depending on need and funding availability.


Eligible families include those living in affordable or workforce housing in Chappaqua or surrounding communities. Families living at Chappaqua Station (54 Hunts Place) are strongly encouraged to apply or low and moderate-income families who meet the eligibility criteria (see flyer for more details).


About Mattias Edstrom

Mattias Edstrom died in February 2020 at age 11. An outstanding student, Mattias started his education at Play Care in the Two’s Program. During his years at Play Care, he received an excellent education that well prepared him for the Chappaqua Central School District, and Mattias made many close friends. As a Boy Scout and a member of the First Congregational Church of Chappaqua, Mattias learned the virtue of community service. By creating a needs-based scholarship for local families to access high-quality early care and education, we are honoring his passion for service and his love of community.

Applications are now being accepted for the Mattias Edstrom Scholarship. For more information: application and flyer.