Our experienced and caring team provide a warm and safe environment for children to learn and grow

Each teacher is committed to nurturing the whole child and tapping into each child’s unique learning styles. They help children learn through play and support a child’s overall development in a multi-disciplinary approach.

Each class is led by an experienced, qualified Teacher. Assistants are placed in each class to support the group. All staff members are required to secure 15 hours of Professional Development training annually which includes CPR and First Aid. We also have specialists on our team to provide separate weekly classes for Yoga/Creative Movement and Music.

Xann Palmer, Director

Our Director, Xann Palmer, has a B.S. in Elementary Ed/Early Childhood Education and over 20 years of experience working in the field of Early Childhood Education in Westchester County. She is committed to upholding Play Care’s reputation in the community as a warm and trusting environment for families to bring their children to learn and grow. She continues to provide the most flexible scheduling possible to support each family’s schedule and differing needs. She and her team are dedicated to ensure children leave the program ready for Kindergarten and all other future endeavors.

Taylor Gaines

Miss Taylor is one of our 2s teachers.  She likes working with this age group as “they find wonder in the smallest things and each day is a new experience! They bring love, enthusiasm and curiosity to the classroom.” In her class classroom they work on knowing their ABCs, counting to 10, all colors and shapes, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, socialization, friendships and sharing.

She has 3 dogs, plays the piano, volunteers at 2 local animal shelters and is currently enrolled at Pace for a dual masters in Childhood/Special Education.

Patty Kingston-Mead

Miss Patty is one of 2s teachers and has been with Play Care since 2008. She finds this age group “curious, adventurous , inquisitive and a fund age group to teach.”  Her goals for the classroom is to make learning a fun experience, and to want children to enjoy and have fun at school while learning.  Her goal for the classroom is to make learning a fun experience and to want the children to enjoy school while learning and to explore.

Her hobbies/interests are: nature, hiking, reading and spending time with family.

Deirdre Kucharik

Miss Dee is one of our 3s teachers and has been with Play Care since 1992.

Patty Petrick

Miss Patty is one of our 3s teachers and has been with Play Care since 2007.  She finds this age group funny, smart and somewhat independent.  Her goals for the classroom is to create an environment where the children feel comfortable, safe & secure and can play, learn and explore.

Her hobbies/interests are: yoga, tennis, reading, cooking nutrition and Golden Retrievers.

Alicia Costas

Miss Alicia is one of our 4s teachers and has been with Play Care since 2008.  She loves working with 4 year olds and helping them with their transition from Pre-K to “big school”.  Her goals for the classroom are to instill a love for school, build self confidence and foster friendships. To teach them to learn through play and creativity and to find each child’s strengths and learning styles and using this information to create a unique plan to help teach readiness skills for the years to come and most of all to have fun!

Her hobbies and interests are Walt Disney World, dance, music, history and a love for learning new things.

Kathy Kahan

Miss Kathy is one of our 4s teachers and has been with Play Care since 2003.  She finds 4 year olds “intellectually inquisitive and enjoys the dialogue between teacher and student. This age group is beginning to find their ability for independence”.  She likes the challenges of finding the best approach to teaching that motivates each individual child.  Her goal for the classroom is the total joy of learning, exploration, being confident in the school environment and preparing each student for Kindergarten. They work on gross and fine motor development, expression of ideas, transitions, completing tasks, cooperation and focus in play.

Her hobbies are reading, kayaking, hiking and traveling.